Individual Counseling

Our caring and compassionate staff members come from varying backgrounds and have a wide array of experience, ranging from: social work and substance abuse to ministry. We are diligent about matching each outpatient with the appropriate counselor; one who is best suited to assist in the out patients’ recovery process. Through individual counseling our Eastside Outpatient Services clinical staff is skilled in establishing one-on-one relationships with our patients. Our priority is to build trust and establish a safe haven where patients feel secure, confident and respected. During the individual counseling sessions, our counselors develop “a needs analysis” identifying the requirements and priorities related to successfully completing the program. Once the assessment is completed we set goals stemming from our needs analysis and these goals act as the foundation used for building a comprehensive program geared towards our patients individual needs.

In addition, we work in conjunction with other services and agencies to provide optimal treatment. However, on the rare occasion we are unable to meet a patients’ needs, we refer him/her to a more accommodating facility better equipped to provide treatment. Also, depending upon our patient’s needs we may determine to combine individual and group counseling.

DHS & CPS Services

Eastside Outpatient Services has been approved by the county of Muskegon to serve as their host specimen collection site for CPS and DHS agencies, Foster home agencies, and court mandated testing for the Muskegon County area.

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