MIPI Class

Eastside Outpatient Services puts forth every effort in assisting our patients in feeling comfortable in the classroom. Our classroom settings include: power point presentations (PPP), videos, written and verbal questions and response formats.

The Minor in Possession (MIP) class is designed for individuals under the age of 21, who were found in possession of marijuana, alcohol and other drugs. The class also includes individuals who have been mandated to attend the class by their employer, a parent or guardian, courts or probation department. We also accept referrals from other agencies and self-referrals. The primary focal point of the MIP Class is to provide the students with factual data to assist him/her during crucial times when making decisions as it relates to future use of alcohol and drugs.

Driver’s License Evaluations

After an individual has lost their driver’s license due to alcohol or drug related issues a substance abuse evaluation is necessary for them to “attempt” to get their license reinstated. Eastside Outpatient Services has a counseling staff in place with trained and knowledgeable experts to assist in the completion of the Substance Abuse Evaluation which is required by the Secretary of State. This evaluation requires a qualified counselor to assess the individual and complete the appropriate paperwork, along with administering a screening tool and reporting the results. Here again, we utilize the Multi-Dimensional Addiction and Personality Profile (MAPP) as our preferred tool when completing this process to ensure accuracy.

In addition, to generate a more manageable process for our clients’; we have the ability to fulfill state requirements by offering an on-site full drug screening which is also mandated by the state and necessary to accompany the evaluation.

Group Counseling

There are many wonderful benefits of group treatment – one being it offers the participants a sense of community. When individuals with a substance abuse problem are sitting in a group of people with similar problems, they gain strength and insight from each other. Eastside Outpatient Services believes group treatment is essential in increasing our clients’ knowledge of themselves and others; the sessions also help clarify lifestyle changes and provide the proper tools necessary to make the desired changes. The group treatment sessions are held in a natural setting we do this to remind people they are not alone and there is hope for creating a different lifestyle.

We also offer group sessions to identify and manage triggers/barriers for their substance abuse treatment, while educating individuals on the skills necessary to make their recovery successful. Our counseling staff has a wide array of experience in group processes and we seek to provide a therapeutic and positive environment for all patients. The group facilitator is diligent in providing patients with valuable information for their recovery, while utilizing therapeutic skills to show patients their commonality and how they can gain support from one another during the group process.

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